Electric Pipe Organ
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2006-10-12 16:38:35 UTC

I am trying to sell an electric organ with sampled pipe organ sounds
for my parents.

This organ is a Howard D-900 Classic Series built by Baldwin. It has
two manuals, Swell and Great and a full 35 note pedal board. The swell
has 9 stops and the great has 6 stops. The pedals also have 6 stops.
There are three couplers, Swell to Great, Swell to Pedal and Great to
Pedal. It has five registration presets and volume and balance
controls. Swell volume is controlled by a swell pedal. There is a Great
volume control, a Pedal volume control and also a Reverb control. The
organ can also transpose, down, 1 - 4 semitones, up 1 -2 semitones
and has Midi in and out. There are two output jacks to connect the
organ to an auxiliary amplifier and speaker system, if desired.

There is a full sized bench included. This is a great organ for the
serious organist wishing to practice at home or for a small church or
church chapel. It is in excellent condition and has been barely played.

The organ is located in Algoma Wis. Please reply for more information
to ***@netzero.net

Below is a link to a picture of it:

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El Klauso
2006-10-23 21:32:44 UTC

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