Lost Bach Organ Work discovered in Halle.
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Arthur Ness
2008-04-15 21:39:49 UTC

A lost Bach chorale prelude "Fantasia sopra il Chorale Wo Gott der
Herr nicht bei uns haelt." has turned up in Halle in the papers of
Wilhelm Rust (d. 1892), one of the major editors of the Bach
Gesellschaft Ausgabe. He was also known for having created a scandal
with "Le cas Rust" (d'Indy). So let us hope his copy is accurate, and
doesn't sound like Beethoven.<g> His grandfather, named Friedrich
Wilhelm Rust, was composer at the court of Anhalt-Dessau. The
grandson published much of his music, but he altered the scores to
make it appear that his grandfather was a major influence on
Beethoven. He was quite a good composer, and didn't need any help
from his grandson.<sigh>

The organ chorale was previously known from a fragment, BWV Anh. 71.

That link also provides a facsimile of the manuscript, so you can
judge for yourselves. I think the first questions will be whether
Rust copied a Bach score, or whether he "completed" the known
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Martin Hruschka
2008-04-18 00:07:33 UTC
Post by Arthur Ness
..and first recording will be done this summer by gerhard weinberger in
his nearly finished "complete bach" series.
dirty cheap already - and i think in foreseeable future there will be a
"complete box" at low price also. sounds promising, the instruments in
thüringen etc. are little juwels....